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The name is karly. Been on this lovely planet for 20 years.. and counting. I guess I'm just your average young adult. Sober on weekdays, on god knows what come weekends, but I guess thats what being 19 is all about. I work, educate myself, travel, socialize, party, create, indulge in different lifestyles, pretty much just live my life the best I can. I hate having to summarize my self in little boxes such as these, i think everyone does in a way. Because we are all too complex to describe our selves in a few sentences. I think thats what interests me about humanity. Anyways if you want to know anymore about myself , don't hesitate to ask me a question.

Have a good one!
Been awhile since I took a selfie🌸                                              #latergram#me#selfie#vscocam#vsco#vscogrid#vscophile

Been awhile since I took a selfie🌸 #latergram#me#selfie#vscocam#vsco#vscogrid#vscophile

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We’re all guilty of hiding things—it’s the nature of the world today. We hide our feelings, we hide our pasts, we hide our true intentions. There’s no way to know what’s real anymore.
Suzanne YoungThe Treatment (via hellyeahitsrandom)

(via hellyeahitsrandom)

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